Key Innovations for Quality, Safety and Performance Improvement

Part 2 of 4 in a series about putting genuine innovation to work

Hospitals can see benefits from genuine innovation with evolved processes that maintain the underlying process principles.

ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence offers these benefits through key innovations:

  • ActionCue gives answers instead of more work. Unlike typical basic storage/retrieval systems that require users to submit queries, “do the math” and construct reports, ActionCue has the answers that quality, safety, and Performance Improvement teams need. The definition, format, and calculations of over a thousand authority-defined performance measures are built into the application, selectable through a couple of mouse clicks.
  • ActionCue eliminates the need for periodic report generation and scheduled review meetings. This is a continuously-available information system, providing easy access and clear presentation of actionable, real-time insight. The big picture of all clinical performance measures, adverse event investigations and the staff’s performance improvement efforts are all linked together and referenceable at any time.

“ActionCue is information at your fingertips.”   – Tracy Lilie, Director of Health Information Management


  • ActionCue functionally integrates Quality Management, Event Reporting and Investigation and Performance Improvement. The system follows the natural working and thinking processes of clinical staff and leaders.  Whatever a user is doing in the application, all the information and insight associated with other functions are just a few clicks away.


“I liked that quality and risk are fed into one system.”- Kristie Giese, COO and Risk manager


  • ActionCue makes collaboration natural. Typically, availability of the tools and information sources about clinical performance is role-based. This isolates perspectives and may miss contributions to safety and quality. It also inhibits visibility into overall process and progress. ActionCue facilitates collaboration across the entire team – staff and management –focused on improving care quality and safety.  The unique dashboard, event investigation workflows, real-time reports, team-built work products, and insightful presentation of information all form a naturally collaborative shared learning and working environment that produces results that everyone can see.

“ActionCue gives me one central deposit to see everything.” – Dr. Donald Brock, Regional Medical Director


  • ActionCue’s user interface is made for humans. The prevailing opinion among hospital staff is that healthcare IT products are hard to use, ineffective and counterproductive. The user experience of ActionCue is the exact opposite. All of the key innovations described above are wrapped into a design that emphasizes ease of use, time savings, clarity of presentation, and support of both tactical and strategic goals.  Prista’s testimonials and 100% customer retention are compelling evidence that ActionCue stands apart from all the other solutions on the market today.




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