Support & Services

Prista is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service to our subscribers. We work closely with you to ensure the ActionCue® application is optimized to meet your organization’s every need, and to provide ongoing guidance and personalized support.

Installation & Implementation

The ActionCue® application’s web-based environment allows for installation and setup to be performed by non-technical personnel. However, Prista also has Subscriber Liaison’s available to perform installation, setup and training of organization staff — getting you up, running and enjoying the benefits of access to actionable quality/risk data more quickly.

Whether you choose to perform the initial setup on your own, or turn to an experienced Subscriber Liaison, Prista is there to provide strategic guidance and ensure the ActionCue® application is setup correctly, and ready to implement within your organization.

Subscription Setup

Getting started with Prista’s ActionCue® is just four easy steps — Subscriber Liaisons are ready to assist you through the account setup process.

Step 1:

Thoroughly read and accept the Prista Master Subscription Agreement located here.

Step 2:

A Prista clinical associate will contact you to setup your ActionCue® subscriber account following acceptance of the Master Subscription Agreement. Once account setup is completed, you will be provided secure login information to access the ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application online.

Step 3:

Profile setup — Your Subscriber Liaison will guide you through the steps to create an initial profile in our system for your organization’s prime contact with Prista, called the Subscriber Administrator, and then activate your account. Now you can begin the detailed setup and customization.

Step 4:

Administrative setup — The final step in the ActionCue® application setup involves personalizing the application to meet your organization’s needs. This setup process can be managed on your own, or you can request assistance and strategic guidance from your Subscriber Liaison. That’s it!

Subscriber Support

Prista’s customer support team of highly experienced clinical professionals and software developers, are readily available to address all of your technical support needs. If you have opted to use a Prista Subscriber Liaison for strategic guidance, you will have ongoing access to your associate for questions related to the application or your clinical operation and work environment.

  • Remote System Administration — We are able to provide technical and administrative support regardless of your location.
  • Always Up-to-Date — Our developers continually refine and improve the ActionCue® application, incorporating the latest advances in technology and security. The web-based nature of the ActionCue® application means you always have the most current version, nothing to ever download or install.
  • Training Programs — Prista offers a variety of training programs and materials designed to help you and your staff become proficient with the ActionCue® application.
  • Help Desk— The Prista Help Desk is available 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, CST, Monday through Friday. Contact Help Desk.

Custom Feature Request

Have an idea for a new feature or need an interface change not already configurable in the application? We appreciate your input Submit A Request now.

System Requirements

The ActionCue® application’s web-based environment allows it to work with most web browsers, with no additional software or hardware installation necessary.


All organizational and patient data is securely stored, encrypted and protected to meet stringent security standards.

  • Encrypted data
  • Secure data center — SAS 70, PCI Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant

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