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Our Mission

Prista’s mission is to create a “Culture of Quality” that gets results improving patient care and safety through intuitive, easy-to-use software that provides real-time insights and reporting to healthcare executives, managers and clinical staff.


In 2009, Billie Anne Schoppman and Don Jarrell set out to solve a critical problem within the healthcare industry—the lack of a reliable and easy-to-use system integrating patient care quality, event reporting and performance improvement with real-time insights for everyone from executives to clinical staff.

Drawing upon Billie Anne’s 25 years in healthcare operations and Don’s 30 years in digital technology development, the pair partnered with software architect Brian Deterling to found Prista Corporation.

Prista’s flagship product, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, has transformed the way hospitals manage risk, quality and performance improvement by making information immediate and easy-to-use and understand. While a number of software solutions address some of these functions separately, none deliver information in a single, collaborative environment that provides the actionable insights and reporting found in ActionCue CI.

ActionCue CI has helped hospitals in 24 states identify event trends and accurately track all clinical operating performance measures, leading to more effective performance improvement plans, reduced organization workload due to streamlined processes and, ultimately, better patient care.

Prista’s innovation, commitment to increasing patient care quality and outstanding customer support staff sourced from within the healthcare industry has led to a 100% retention of ActionCue CI subscribers nationwide and the fostering of a new “Culture of Quality” within the healthcare industry.

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