Our Mission

Prista’s mission is to help healthcare providers improve performance, both clinically and financially, while creating and sustaining a “Culture of Quality” in their organizations. In other words, Prista helps to facilitate an environment that drives continuous performance improvement in patient care and safety. Prista does this by developing innovative, intuitive, easy-to-use software that goes beyond traditional reporting to provide actionable insights in real-time. With Prista’s ActionCue CI platform, information is more readily available, more meaningful, and more actionably insightful for healthcare executives, managers, and clinical staff.

Creating a Culture of Quality

We know from experience - problems in healthcare are complex. It’s our mission to make them simple.
Here at Prista, we strive to be the best at helping healthcare executives, managers and clinical staff provide better and more efficient patient care.
Just like you, we believe software solutions should be easy to use and provide valuable insights you can actually use. But that’s not all.
With the ActionCue CI platform, we aim to create a “culture of quality” in healthcare organizations - an environment where all team members can work together towards the common goal of providing great patient care.

Meeting Challenges in Modern Healthcare

In 2009, Billie Anne Schoppman and Don Jarrell set out to fill a critical gap in the healthcare industry – the need for an easy-to-use system that rolls patient care quality, event reporting and performance improvement all into one. A system that offered real-time insights for everyone from executives to clinical staff.

No one knows better than someone who’s been there. After 25 years in healthcare operations, Billie Anne had a clear idea of what was missing from PI and risk management solutions.

Between Billie Anne’s industry expertise and Don’s 30 years in technology development, the pair had a strong vision for something new and improved in the world of healthcare management solutions. They partnered with software architect Brian Deterling, and Prista Corporation was born.

“Action Cue CI comes directly from our experience in the medical field.”

Raising the Standard for Performance Improvement and Risk/Quality Management

Prista’s flagship product, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence (ActionCue CI), is transforming the way hospitals manage incident reporting, risk/quality management and performance improvement. No other software solution addresses all three functions in a single, collaborative environment.

ActionCue CI helps hospitals in 24 states reduce workload, increase reimbursements, and spend more time with patients. Customers love our product because it’s simple, collaborative, and insightful. The intuitive action cues make their job easier and less stressful.

But don’t take our word for it! Hear what our subscribers nationwide have to say about ActionCue CI.  


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