Unlocking the Secret to Strategic Success

This white paper from Prista’s President & Co-Founder, Don Jarrell, builds on the previous white paper, “Performance Improvement Post-COVID: Applying Lessons Learned During the Pandemic” and makes the case for what must be done to make a strategic shift leading to success with healthcare Performance Improvement.

In this important paper you’ll learn about these 4 antagonists to continuous improvement efforts that directly affect almost all healthcare provider organizations:

  • Start-up Challenges for Continuous Improvement
  • The Seduction of Tacticalism
  • Head Stuff versus Hand Stuff
  • The Anti-Strategic History of Information in Healthcare

Following the “how we we got here” trail of connected dots, this paper presents one very clear and immediately doable step forward.

This Executive Report jump-starts one of the most important conversations we need to have in the healthcare industry.  As we say at the outset of the paper, “Yesterday’s tactics at best lead to yesterday’s goals and those just aren’t good enough.”

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