ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Solution for Executives

We know healthcare organizations can be chaotic. Time is precious and problems are complex. We’re here to take the stress and guesswork out of risk/quality management and PI for you and your teams.

ActionCue CI goes beyond traditional reporting and provides real-time actionable insights so you can improve patient safety, give better care, and lower costs.


Save Time for You and Your Team

Get your star players out of the office and back on the court. ActionCue CI lets you create meaningful, easy-to-read reports that make meeting prep a cinch.

  • Standardize patient care quality throughout the day
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Get big picture insights in one click
  • See everything in one centralized location
  • Prepare reports in minutes with no number crunching

Spot Problems Sooner

Stop problems before they start. Get real-time information about incidents and clinical issues, plus a clear path for improvement.

  • Check-in on performance measures in one click
  • Monitor patient care quality in real-time
  • Spot issues as they emerge and create action plans
  • Reporting and benchmarking
Square peg forced into a round hole with pieces broken off.
Woman writing higher efficiency and quality and lower cost

Increase Operational Efficiency

In a value-based purchasing world, reporting matters.
Collaboratively work on “live” information and data with one integrated system for staff, management and executives. Eliminate the learning curve with our intuitive, easy to learn dashboard.

  • Address factors hurting Value-Based Purchasing measurements
  • Software as a Service means no servers or IT Staff needed
  • Predictable monthly subscription-based fee
  • Easy data exporting

Access ActionCue CI from anywhere with our mobile app

You’ll be in good company.

ActionCue CI is used by some of the top healthcare organizations in the country. See what they have to say about it. 

Just amazing.

Thank you for such a great training! The ease of the system and all “the work” it does for you is just amazing. I look forward to getting the rest of the leadership team trained.

Watch It Work!

Watch this brief video to get a feel for what ActionCue CI is all about.

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