Genuine Innovation

Genuine Innovation

Part 1 of 4 in a series about putting genuine innovation to work

It is fashionable in many healthcare circles to talk about the need for innovation and technology to solve problems. But when it comes down to actually doing something about it, healthcare leaders seem to fear the re-engineered processes that are part of well-designed IT systems. The mantra is frequently, “that’s not what we do here,” and that mantra is used to fend off change. This resistance is especially strong when the processes in question focus on improving quality and safety.

Process is critical to ensuring consistency, performance and desired outcomes among fallible humans. The key, however, is not in the process itself but in the principles behind the process. The principles need to stay in place while the processes that express them evolve to align with new technologies that enable genuine and productive innovation.

“ActionCue is changing the standards of how hospitals manage quality care/ performance.” Rhonda Campbell, Chief Quality Officer

ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence is all about genuine innovation. It redefines the management process of improving patient care quality and safety while keeping the most important principles behind the process in place.

ActionCue did not originate with a “techie” view of things.  We started on the operations side, with a deep understanding of quality and safety improvement principles, as well as how these functions have been done in the past.  Then we figured out how to achieve optimal use of technology and a sophisticated user interface – an interface that is easy to use for both clinical and executive users. We also applied several technology-enabled process innovations.

The result? Genuine innovation.

We created a system that delivers ease of use, time savings, insight instead of data, and that contributes to improved outcomes and real-dollar return on investment.

ActionCue is the application that Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review reports health leaders rave about, and that has earned 100% customer retention because it really helps quality, safety and Performance Improvement teams do their best.

“Survey teams see it and they say that ActionCue is a great tool—what else do you need?” Shari Michl, Risk Manager & Chief Quality Officer



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