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Revolutionizing How FQHCs Manage Risk Events & Improve Compliance

ActionCue Clinical Intelligence for Clinical Staff

ActionCue CI Lite provides frontline staff, Risk/Quality professionals and management with the data and reporting functionality you need to drive excellence in patient safety and care.

Our platform provides unparalleled visibility for monitoring and reporting on all risk events, including complaints, grievances and HIPAA violations, as well as our full suite of performance measures. Through collaborative, intuitive reporting of incidents, complaints and grievances, save your frontline staff hours filling paperwork, freeing their time and resources to focus on patient care. 

ActionCue CI Lite includes reporting and tracking on key metrics and data points needed to drive excellent patient care at FQHCs, including outpatient care, surgeries, dental care, maternal health and much more!  

Drive Real-time Quality & Performance Improvement

Risk management and quality in one collaborative work platform, flowing into an optimized performance improvement process. 

Report on the Go

Our web-based solution allows your team to report on incidents and share information seamlessly on the go.

Improve Efficiency

Save your staff from filling out – and deciphering - illegible, hand-written forms, or managing complicated spreadsheets to prepare and distribute reports. ActionCue CI Lite provides an automated and easily understandable platform for staff and management to see and use.

Get Results

Improved quality and safety as well as increased efficiency, as a sustainable culture, mean better patient outcomes and time and financial savings. With our Performance Improvement Action Plan add-on, ActionCue CI Lite translates your data into actionable insights enabling you to proactively improve patient care. 

Proactively Tackle Grievances

Easily analyze where to focus on correcting for complaints and grievances while ensuring compliance with acknowledgement and resolution letters. 

Transform Culture

Enable everyone – from the frontline to the boardroom - to understand and improve performance and quality, increasing efficiency, reducing cost and improving the quality of care. 

Watch It Work!

Watch this brief video to get a feel for what ActionCue CI is all about.

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