ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Solution for Risk/Quality Mangers

We know that in order to make real improvements in healthcare performance, you need quick and accurate data. Event & incident reporting with ActionCue CI is easy, meaningful, and 100% focused on outcomes.

ActionCue takes care of all the number crunching.  Say goodbye to spreadsheets and free up your time for more important things.
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Get Big-Picture Insights Fast

Show more than just numbers and easily keep administrators and board members in the loop. Our detailed reports are insight-focused, up-to-the-minute, and super simple to create.

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Spot issues as they happen
  • Prepare reports in minutes, not days
  • Create & assign individualized action plans

Improve Patient and Employee Safety

Get to the bottom of things and quickly get information you can act on. ActionCue CI’s real-time event reporting helps you identify issues faster and create a plan for improvement

  • Event reporting and monitoring
  • Statistical event summaries
  • Investigate root causes, not symptoms
  • Track the progress of corrective actions
  • Delegate performance measures to the right people
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Keep Everything Together

Everything in one place means everyone works together. ActionCue CI fully integrates event reporting, quality management and performance improvement in one convenient platform.

  • Integrated PI action plans
  • Collaboratively see and work on live information and data
  • Encourages cooperation among teams
  • Provide critical QI/PI information to those who need it, when they need it.

ActionCue will pay for itself.

Over the last three years, ActionCue has allowed us to trend what our fall rate is. And we've actually, over the last three years, decreased our fall rates by 50% each year. So, it allows us to monitor the correct processes that improve our patients safety and improve their outcome.

Are you ready to start making real changes that result in lower incidents, better communication, and less stress? Are you ready to get off the computer and get back to doing what you love?

Watch It Work!

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