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Prista Corporation’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence is a new Endorsed Partner by Texas’s TORCH Management Services, Inc. (TMSI)

  Prista Corporation, maker of ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence, a software platform for healthcare quality-safety and performance improvement is now an Endorsed Partner of TMSI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH). Prista Corporation, an industry leader in clinical intelligence software for healthcare quality-safety and ...
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Prista Corporation’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence Endorsed by Georgia Hospital Health Services

ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence, a software platform for healthcare quality-safety and performance improvement from Prista Corporation, has been endorsed by Georgia Hospital Health Services. Prista Corporation, an industry leader in clinical intelligence software for healthcare quality-safety and performance improvement, is proud to announce that their flagship product, ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence, has ...
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Leadership Contest, Culture and collaboration.

Leadership is Personal – Innovating Improvements is a Team Effort

In his recent article “Leadership is Personal” published on LinkedIn’s Pulse, Keith Thurgood (also a member of Prista’s Board of Directors) notes that, “Despite spending billions on leadership development programs, have not achieved their intended outcomes.” Keith then goes on to say that “leadership is really about influence” and “Leaders ...
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Nurses Week Thank You

National Nursing Week 2020

As we prepare to celebrate National Nurses Week during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s difficult to find words that adequately express the thanks and gratitude that each of us feels for America’s brave, dedicated, and heroic nurses during this crisis. And the truth is that even a week of honoring our ...
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ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Software

3 Reasons Why “Designed by Clinicians” is Not Going to Save Healthcare IT

A recent article in Medical Economics, “The Promise of Next Generation EHRs” was an interesting read.  It got me thinking, and there were a few parts of the article that left me uneasy, given the challenges in healthcare today. First, the article cited reports that point to software as the primary ...
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Performance Improvement in Healthcare White Paper Released By Prista Corporation

Performance Improvement: The Hidden Link to Creating a Culture of Clinical Performance” is available now for download from Healthcare providers are focused on delivering care. That means always seeking better ways to improve patient outcomes, make reporting easier, and meet financial goals. It’s a big job that never ...
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ActionCue clinical intelligence - reduce medical errors - trucks on road

On the Road to Recovery – Using Comprehensive Healthcare Event Reporting to Reduce Medical Errors

In March 2019, a Tennessee woman filed suit against Nashville-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center, claiming surgeons operated on her wrong kidney. As a result, the patient had to have a second surgery to correct the mistake, and she now needs dialysis for life. While this case was both rare and ...
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ActionCue CI Solution Value Based Purchasing

Losing Focus on Value in Value-Based Purchasing

When it comes to discussions about healthcare reimbursement and costs, “Value-Based Purchasing” is a term that gets thrown around quite a bit these days. In fact, many experts say it’s going to be the future for healthcare organizations. Due to its growing use in hospitals and regional clinics, Value-Based Purchasing ...
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ActionCue CI Solution - tools for better patient care

Intuitive Tools for Better Patient Care

Healthcare has too many moving parts. It’s a common cry in the industry, especially for healthcare quality and safety professionals. In January 2019, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) polled a group of members embarking on a large-scale project to reduce maternal and newborn mortality. When asked what aspects of ...
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ActionCue CI Solution for Clinical Staff

Role-Appropriate Participation for Everyone in the Clinical Realm

How enabled is your team? Does it matter? The answer to the second question is “Yes”. But how do you enable employees at all levels of a healthcare organization to make a positive impact on the quality-safety of patients and participate in performance improvement in meaningful ways? Prista’s ActionCue Clinical ...
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ActionCue CI Solution

The Value of Actionable Insight in Healthcare Organizations

One of the most valuable skills in today’s workforce is an ability to take all of the data that technology allows us to collect and to make sense of it in meaningful and actionable ways. ...
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ActionCue CI Solution for Executives

Beyond Reporting to Collaborative Management Facilitation

Have healthcare IT tools successfully improved the ability of organizations to provide exceptional patient care? Our application designers, with expertise in technology, learning psychology and perceptive science,  have listened intently to hundreds of healthcare leaders describe their experiences with numerous healthcare IT products. This research led us to identify several ...
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