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ActionCue CI delivers better patient care, higher reimbursements and lower risk for healthcare providers.  Because it's easy to use and powerful, the platform delivers significant efficiencies for staff by decreasing time required for reporting and analysis.

Why Choose ActionCue CI?

User Friendly, Great Support, Great Leadership


Graham Regional Medical Center has used ActionCue the last several years, for event reporting and Quality improvement, and has had great strides in reporting of safety and risk events. I tell everyone my famous quote “I don’t Like Surprises”. This reporting system has allowed our facility to capture everything from simple fixes to serious events. The mechanism to build and have a great quality plan is there with this program. Everyone from other facilities that asks my input gets an honest answer. I would recommend ActionCue to anyone that is willing to put in the work and effort to make patient safety and risk a priority. The program is user friendly, has great clinical support and great leadership.

Enoc Espinoza - MSN, RN, Graham Regional Medical Center

ActionCue saves time.


ActionCue saves time in many ways. Everything is in real time, so I can input data and tabulate numbers as I go. I can track and trend data at any time—no need to wait till the end of the month for reports. Potential issues show up right away, which allows us to immediately set an action plan to make the right correction. And the information is transparent for everyone, so we can collaborate more quickly and more effectively.

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ActionCue CI was designed by medical professionals on the front lines of patient care. This advanced knowledge of the challenges surrounding quality of care helps us deliver more ROI, higher ratings and quickly identify areas that need improvement.

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