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Prista Corporation and HCXperience, Inc. Announce Integration and Distribution Partnership

Austin, Texas — Prista Corporation, developer of the ActionCue Clinical Intelligence platform, and HCXperience, Inc., makers of patient satisfaction/experience software announced this week a partnering of technologies. A move which will, for the first time, allow healthcare organizations to have complete control of their patient care and patient experience information — combining Risk/Quality Management and Performance Improvement functions with patient satisfaction survey information into one easy-to-use software platform.

The planned partnership will integrate HCXperience’s technology, an online survey platform with a wide variety of predefined healthcare-related question sets, such as the several CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers) surveys, and also supports the client’s development of custom surveys covering broader patient and family satisfaction metrics, as well as surveys of employees or other groups, into Prista’s ActionCue Clinical Intelligence application, an industry-leading healthcare risk and quality management software

The resulting technology will be marketed and sold by Prista as ActionCue® Survey Node powered by HCXperience, a collaborative platform for whole-organization management, outstanding data presentation, detailed patient satisfaction/experience survey information and ease-of-use, to support the development of a culture of quality in healthcare organizations.

Both Prista and HCXperience feel the partnership will be invaluable to the healthcare industry highlighting the power and ease of use of HCXperience’s technology, which parallels the design of ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, and furthering the vision of ActionCue’s central role of clinical performance reporting and improvement management for executives, managers and the clinical staff of hospitals of all types — opening the door for tremendous improvements in overall healthcare quality across the country.


About Prista Corporation. Prista Corporation is an Austin-based company, providing the SaaS-model, online integrated Risk Management application, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, currently in use in over 140 facilities in 24 states across the US. For additional information, please visit .

Media Contact: Don Jarrell,

About HCXperience Inc. HCXperience Inc. is a Pennsylvania based company that provides electronic survey and questionnaire solutions to the healthcare market. Our application HCXP collects and analyzes, as well as provides instant reporting on benchmarked data from satisfaction experience surveys and rounding questionnaires. We are accredited by the national Green Business Bureau and are committed to relevance, accuracy, effectiveness and security of patient data. Additional information can be found at

Media Contact: Wayne Kelly,

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What is an ‘Operative Culture’, and are you missing out by not having one?

Prista’s own Don Jarrell and Jake Redden will be answering this question while speaking at this year’s ASHRM Academy in Tampa, Florida.


microphone-stand-at-a-healthcare-quality-improvement-conferenceThe talk, titled New Results From New Thinking: An Operative Culture of Safety & Quality, will take place during lunch on April 13, and offers insight to Risk/Quality Managers into the most common mistakes hospitals make — with regards to their Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement programs — and how to connect them in order to effect a dramatic change for the better.


Between them, Jarrell and Redden have over 50 years of experience providing technology and strategy solutions for the healthcare industry, and know very well what works… and what doesn’t.


“So many hospitals are caught in the trap of ‘doing business as always’ and never get to experience real change.” Says Jarrell. “What they almost always lack is a system which connects the Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement functions within their organization.”


Prista’s solution to this problem was the development of the ActionCue Clinical Intelligence software and their very passionate customer support personnel.


“I will be discussing this in more depth at the ASHRM Academy.” Says Redden. “But, the secret real to a successful RM/QI and PI program is more than simply a piece of fancy software. It has to be an organizational way of life, a ‘culture of quality’ within the hospital. This is the strength of ActionCue over other systems, it was built on the principle that it takes the entire organization, working in a collaborative way, to substantially improve not only quality and patient safety, but also see incredible financial benefits for the hospital as well.”


Though the talk is geared toward those Risk and Quality Managers looking for inspiration on how to improve their facilities, all are welcome and are likely to come away with a fresh perspective on hospital quality and safety.


For more information, email us at

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Island Medical Management Chooses ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Healthcare Management Software

Austin, Texas – Island Medical Management has chosen Prista Corporation’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application for use in all of Island Medical facilities nationwide to integrate and standardize their Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement programs.

Island Medical Management (IMM) became a leading regional staffing and management organization, in both Ohio and New York, in 2012 when it acquired 4M Management Systems. Then reaffirmed its position, again in 2013, when it merged with Pegasus Emergency Group, providing Emergency Department leadership, staffing, coding and billing services — expanding to over 40 client hospitals across nine states, and providing care to nearly one million patients.

Managing clinical performance data across 44 facilities was a problem that Beth Wiley, IMM’s Director of Clinical Operations, was tasked with solving.

“We have hospitals throughout the US and we have to know what is going on in them.” Said Wiley. “It’s critical for me and my staff to not just get data in, but to get insight out. There are many sophisticated applications to choose from, but I was looking for a solution that integrated all of our performance improvement functions, and was extremely user-friendly.”

Prista Corporation, an Austin, Texas based healthcare software company, has developed a novel approach to filling this very need. “We understood a particular problem in healthcare that was not being addressed at all, and that’s really applying technology properly to the information needs of healthcare professionals.” said Prista’s Co-founder and President Don Jarrell, “We’ve integrated multiple functions, Risk and Quality Management with Performance Improvement to really save time for people in related work. Instead of presenting just data, the ActionCue software provides insight that is critical for improving patient care and organization performance.”

“A lot of hospitals function with spreadsheets or programs that do a few of these”, Said Wiley referring to the lack of integration, “Unless we are comparing apples-to-apples, it doesn’t mean anything. We needed to pool all of our data into one system that was the same for all facilities. ActionCue allows us to do that. With just a few clicks we can measure performance and see which facilities are meeting their Core benchmarks, and which are not. It also provides a way for our medical directors and regional medical directors to measure and evaluate providers, all in real-time — that is huge for us. I am looking forward to getting started with ActionCue to get rid of all the paper on my desk.”

When asked how he felt about Island Medical selecting ActionCue, Don Jarrell said, “We are getting that purposeful satisfaction of helping to improve patient care.”

Initial implementation to all of IMM’s facilities is scheduled to be completed in October 2014, with enhancements and additional system integration to follow in the next 45 days.


About Prista Corporation
Prista Corporation is an Austin-based company, providing the SaaS-model, online integrated Risk Management application, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, currently in use in over 140 facilities in 24 states across the US. For additional information, please visit


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ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application receiving key update

Prista Corporation’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application receiving key update

Austin, Texas – Prista Corporation announced today plans to expand the features of their online application, ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence, to include Common Format report functionality — satisfying AHRQ Common Format report requirements.  This addition extends the scope of coverage of the ActionCue platform integrating Quality Management, Risk Management and Performance Improvement.

The upcoming release, which is planned for early- to mid-summer, continues the company’s commitment to providing unparalleled assistance to hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) and post-acute facilities to improve patient care quality and safety.

“We carefully considered how to best serve clients’ external reporting needs on adverse incident reports to Patient Safety Organizations and onward to various Federal agencies,” said Don Jarrell, EVP of Product and Technical Operations & co-founder of Prista. “It is extremely important to us that we continue to add to the value of the ActionCue application, while maintaining its already high standards for delivering clinical insight in a way that is clear and easy to use.”

The ActionCue application’s ability to provide AHRQ Common Format reports, in either encrypted PDF or direct online transfers, will apply to any Patient Safety Organization (PSO) or recipient the ActionCue subscriber chooses. “Subscribers already have unparalleled flexibility in creating customized reports for internal and external stakeholders,” said Mark Smith, CEO. “With this new functionality, the ActionCue application will be able to maintain its ease of use and productivity, while allowing for reporting that fully complies with the AHRQ requirements with no additional effort for users — it’s really powerful.”

“Since its founding in 2009, Prista has been committed to delivering the best insight into the healthcare and quality operational environment and best practices in information processing through ActionCue Clinical Intelligence,” continued Smith. “With a 100% customer retention rate so far, we think we are on the right path.”

When asked if Prista would be operating as a Patient Safety Organization, Prista’s Don Jarrell said, “No. We have no interest in functioning as a PSO. I believe it could complicate the relationships with our subscribers. What we want to continue doing is to provide hospitals with the best, state-of-the-art tools possible to help them increase their patient safety and care.”

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