Island Medical Management Chooses ActionCue Clinical Intelligence Healthcare Management Software

Austin, Texas – Island Medical Management has chosen Prista Corporation’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application for use in all of Island Medical facilities nationwide to integrate and standardize their Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement programs.

Island Medical Management (IMM) became a leading regional staffing and management organization, in both Ohio and New York, in 2012 when it acquired 4M Management Systems. Then reaffirmed its position, again in 2013, when it merged with Pegasus Emergency Group, providing Emergency Department leadership, staffing, coding and billing services — expanding to over 40 client hospitals across nine states, and providing care to nearly one million patients.

Managing clinical performance data across 44 facilities was a problem that Beth Wiley, IMM’s Director of Clinical Operations, was tasked with solving.

“We have hospitals throughout the US and we have to know what is going on in them.” Said Wiley. “It’s critical for me and my staff to not just get data in, but to get insight out. There are many sophisticated applications to choose from, but I was looking for a solution that integrated all of our performance improvement functions, and was extremely user-friendly.”

Prista Corporation, an Austin, Texas based healthcare software company, has developed a novel approach to filling this very need. “We understood a particular problem in healthcare that was not being addressed at all, and that’s really applying technology properly to the information needs of healthcare professionals.” said Prista’s Co-founder and President Don Jarrell, “We’ve integrated multiple functions, Risk and Quality Management with Performance Improvement to really save time for people in related work. Instead of presenting just data, the ActionCue software provides insight that is critical for improving patient care and organization performance.”

“A lot of hospitals function with spreadsheets or programs that do a few of these”, Said Wiley referring to the lack of integration, “Unless we are comparing apples-to-apples, it doesn’t mean anything. We needed to pool all of our data into one system that was the same for all facilities. ActionCue allows us to do that. With just a few clicks we can measure performance and see which facilities are meeting their Core benchmarks, and which are not. It also provides a way for our medical directors and regional medical directors to measure and evaluate providers, all in real-time — that is huge for us. I am looking forward to getting started with ActionCue to get rid of all the paper on my desk.”

When asked how he felt about Island Medical selecting ActionCue, Don Jarrell said, “We are getting that purposeful satisfaction of helping to improve patient care.”

Initial implementation to all of IMM’s facilities is scheduled to be completed in October 2014, with enhancements and additional system integration to follow in the next 45 days.


About Prista Corporation
Prista Corporation is an Austin-based company, providing the SaaS-model, online integrated Risk Management application, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, currently in use in over 140 facilities in 24 states across the US. For additional information, please visit


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