What is an ‘Operative Culture’, and are you missing out by not having one?

Prista’s own Don Jarrell and Jake Redden will be answering this question while speaking at this year’s ASHRM Academy in Tampa, Florida.


microphone-stand-at-a-healthcare-quality-improvement-conferenceThe talk, titled New Results From New Thinking: An Operative Culture of Safety & Quality, will take place during lunch on April 13, and offers insight to Risk/Quality Managers into the most common mistakes hospitals make — with regards to their Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement programs — and how to connect them in order to effect a dramatic change for the better.


Between them, Jarrell and Redden have over 50 years of experience providing technology and strategy solutions for the healthcare industry, and know very well what works… and what doesn’t.


“So many hospitals are caught in the trap of ‘doing business as always’ and never get to experience real change.” Says Jarrell. “What they almost always lack is a system which connects the Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement functions within their organization.”


Prista’s solution to this problem was the development of the ActionCue Clinical Intelligence software and their very passionate customer support personnel.


“I will be discussing this in more depth at the ASHRM Academy.” Says Redden. “But, the secret real to a successful RM/QI and PI program is more than simply a piece of fancy software. It has to be an organizational way of life, a ‘culture of quality’ within the hospital. This is the strength of ActionCue over other systems, it was built on the principle that it takes the entire organization, working in a collaborative way, to substantially improve not only quality and patient safety, but also see incredible financial benefits for the hospital as well.”


Though the talk is geared toward those Risk and Quality Managers looking for inspiration on how to improve their facilities, all are welcome and are likely to come away with a fresh perspective on hospital quality and safety.


For more information, email us at info@pristacorp.com.

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