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There is no need to wait for the valuable information you rely on as a healthcare executive with ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence. Risk Management, Quality Management and Performance Improvement are brought together in one, easy-to-use—truly integrated—online application to reduce cost and improve your organization's quality of care with real-time data.

• Clinical Performance Measures in real-time
• Dramatically reduce operating costs
• Improve Patient Care Quality

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Fast Path to Insight™

Performance Measures in real-time

For quality, prompt information is key to identifying and correcting critical performance issues in any healthcare organization. The simple yet robust interface of ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence makes it easy to see, at a glance, all levels of your hospitals performance measures, allowing Quality and Performance Improvement Managers to act quickly and decisively — decreasing response time and increasing performance.

• Actionable, real-time data
• Rapid response and prevention of adverse incidents
• Reduced operational costs, improved patient care

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Risk, Quality & Performance Improvement

now simple as

Displayed in an intuitive interface — incident reports and investigations, patient safety, satisfaction reporting and all areas of clinical performance, are integrated, allowing staff to drill-down to quickly identify adverse incident causes and trends. Then, utilizing the workflows built into the ActionCue® application, staff are able to develop responses which are more effective and efficient.

• Core Measures performance, in real-time
• Focus improvement where it needs to be
• Reduce response time to adverse incidents


For Healthcare Executives:

  • Simplified Reporting
  • Track Operational & Financial Goals
  • Increase Patient Care Quality


Actionable data

Actionable Data

For Quality & Risk Managers:

  • Identify Performance Issues
  • Collaborate & Share Information
  • Plan More Effective Corrective Action


Better care

Better Care

For Nurses:

  • Enhance Critical Decision Making
  • Reduce & Prevent Adverse Incidents
  • Increase Patient Care Quality



Real-Time Metrics
for Hospital Quality Measures.

The ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence application combines Quality Management, Risk Management and Performance Improvement functions, providing clear and immediate answers on patient care quality Performance Measures. Real-time, easy to use data allows staff to target specific underperforming areas — reducing or preventing adverse incidents and increasing patient care quality, while saving millions of dollars each year in performance-related costs.

100% Satisfaction

Want proof of the value in Prista’s ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence? You will need to look no further than our testimonials. But, our customers are not just telling us how much they appreciate the easy-to-use tools and robust product support,they are obtaining measurable results and ROI, which causes them to remain subscribed. We are happy to boast of our 100% customer retention since 2011.

Don’t just take our word for it though, have a look at what our customers are saying in our testimonial section.

“The paper blizzard is finally disappearing!”
Heather Greenwood, Chief Quality Officer & Risk Manager
Seymour Hospital

“ActionCue® put Red River Regional ahead of the curve”
Kathy Nolen, Quality/Risk Director
Red River Regional Hospital

“Easy to use. I love watching our quality indicators improve”
William Kiefer, CNO
Red River Regional Hospital

“Cost effective and will improve your results.”
David Conejo, CEO
Red River Regional Hospital

“Our hospital has been with Prista from its inception. As a result of having a tool to monitor Quality Indicators as well as accreditation standards, we have seen our quality scores increase from 64% to 97%, our Core measure scores to 100% compliance and accreditation reporting to the simplest ever. I highly recommend Prista and their tools. It is cost effective and will improve your results.”

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  • Increase Incident Reporting and Performance Improvement
  • Capture & Use Real-time Data
  • Focus Staff on Important Issues
  • Resolve Critical Issues in Minutes
  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Improve Patient Care Quality

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