Prista Corporation would like to welcome Fort Defiance Indian Hospital, the newest member of the ActionCue Team.

Fort Defiance Indian Hospital Board, Inc. services the Navajo community with a 50 bed acute care hospital and Tsehootsooi Medical Center, multi-specialty clinics. All of the facility’s departments offer Hózhó oriented health care, with the goal of bringing joy, happiness, peace and beauty to a patient’s treatment. They use the “patient focus” model, which incorporates K’é, caring, quality service, community partnership, and an effective, transparent organization, as a basis for providing care to their patients.

About the Author Don Jarrell

Don Jarrell has over 35 years of technical and business experience in product management, technology strategy and intellectual property management and licensing. Don is a primary driver of Prista’s vision and mission for the ActionCue Clinical Intelligence application.

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