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Risk-quality-management-in-hospitals-happy-doctor“Imagine a hospital where morale is high, employee turnover is low and patient call buttons rarely go unanswered. That’s exactly the type of culture and service that ‘delights’ patients and makes for the most successful community hospitals in the country, as rated by caregivers and patients.” says John Griffith, professor in the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

In a newly published report, Griffith examined the attributes of 34 community hospitals in nine states that have earned the Health Care Sector Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, a nationally recognized quality benchmark for various industries. Griffith’s findings suggest that the single-biggest factor in patient satisfaction is hospital employee morale, which starts with outside-the-box thinking at the very top management levels.

According to the study, “These community hospitals had the happiest patients and caregivers, but only because these hospitals departed radically from traditional hospital management.”

We at Prista also firmly believe it often takes a new approach to a problem to find a better answer. One key area in hospital management that we feel could use an overhaul for the majority of organizations is in the Risk, Quality Management and Performance Improvement programs.

For too many, home-grown or ad hoc solutions have been what staff had to use to manage their performance initiatives. Most of these are done with very laborious and time-consuming paper or excel spreadsheets. Very few provide any real insightful or actionable information — only data points. Even more still lack crucial feedback to front-line staff to let them know what the outcome of a negative incident was.

If you are reading this I’m sure you are relating, possibly cringing, at the system I have been describing. A little too close to home? It is programs like this that add to the frustration of being a healthcare worker. Already asked to wear many hats, you are tasked with following a system that seems to have no discernible purpose beyond collecting data.

So, if you don’t have happy thoughts when you think about your current Risk/Quality Management, Performance Improvement system, then you should consider why.

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