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ActionCue makes risk and quality managers happyNot, “are you happy with it.” But, does it actually make you happy? Does it make your job easier and is it improving healthcare quality in your hospital? If your answer is “no” then a closer look at how you are going about your Risk Management, Quality and Performance Improvement in your hospital is in order.

It may sound silly to say that a risk or quality management system can literally bring joy to your job. But, only if you haven’t experienced what a platform like ActionCue Clinical Intelligence can do. The founders of Prista Corporation, and many of our staff, started out where you are, a Risk/Quality Professional tasked with tracking adverse events and reporting data up to hospital executives. Oh, but you also need to continue with your other duties as well, and somewhere in the middle of tracking events and compiling reports you are expected to provide insight on what the data means… it’s overwhelming for even the best of us.

That’s why Prista developed the ActionCue application. They saw a desperate need within healthcare for a simpler way of tracking events, compiling data, providing actionable insight to executives, and making the jobs easier for Risk and Quality Professionals just like you.

A truly effective process is liberating, invisible, and collaborative — not cumbersome and taxing. I like using the old adage, “Many hands make light work.” The beauty of ActionCue Clinical Intelligence is that every level of the hospital organization is involved in the system. Imagine, a Risk and Quality Management program with data and insight at your fingertips, front-line staff on up to executives all working within the same system, benchmarking and reporting all available in real-time. It’s possible with ActionCue Clinical Intelligence.

So if you don’t smile just a little bit when you think about your current Risk/Quality Management, Performance Improvement system then you need to consider why.

Be happy, try ActionCue Clinical Intelligence.

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