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TAHQ_Conference_Banner_SmThat’s right, Prista is attending another conference. We can’t seem to get enough of seeing our current subscribers and meeting new folks who care as much about Improving Quality in hospitals as we do. Speaking of Quality Improvement and Risk Management in hospitals, the 2014 TAHQ Conference & membership meeting’s theme is Quality & Risk Professionals: Navigating through the changing landscape of healthcare reform. In conversations with many of our subscribers this subject is a common complaint, the difficulties that Risk and Quality professionals face trying to do their jobs with the constant change.

From the TAHQ’s (Texas Association for Healthcare Quality) website, “the purpose of this educational conference is to enhance the knowledge of healthcare professionals working in the area of quality on the changes related to healthcare reform by improving their knowledge of the systems and navigation.” Topics will include: How Positivity Improves Team Performance and Quality of Care, Patient Centeredness, Embracing Complexity to Improve Patient Experience, Preventable Adverse Event Reporting, Patient Centered Medical Home, Population Health, Accreditation Update, and Personal Accountability.

Come See Us! If you are planning to attend the conference you should drop by our booth and say hello. 

Not attending? We’d still like to talk to you. Call 512-226-7126 to learn how to improve your healthcare quality. Or get introduced to ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence by visiting our website at PristaCorp.com.

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