Can Mickey Mouse Make Your Hospital Better?

Risk-quality-management-in-hospitals-happy-doctor-happy-nurse-on-ipadMany hospitals are banking on better guest services to improve their healthcare

Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe, Calif., sent its 900 employees back to school in June to learn how to provide better service.

There’s no doubt, Disney does good customer service. If you haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom before let me describe it for you. From the moment you enter the parking lot you are immersed in a very choreographed experienced. Every detail of the sights and sounds, even smells, that greet you are very deliberate, the length of time you spend waiting in lines all refined to enhance your visit and reduce stress. Why? Well, that is a bit more complex. To boil it down to its simplest, it’s so you have a great time.

Well, this is obvious for an amusement park. Of course you should have a good time. How does this apply to healthcare? Ah ha! Now you’re asking the right questions.

Satisfaction is not the only reason that Disney, and other industries, spend a great deal of time and money to refine and develop pleasurable guest experiences. Cost and return business is a prime factor. Smooth, stress-free lines are beneficial to both hospitals and patients alike — they save time and money. This is just one aspect of their organization that many hospitals have approached Disney for help with.

Happiness may not be the only reason, but we find it’s a big one in healthcare — to patients and staff alike.

It may sound silly to say that a risk or quality management system can literally bring joy to your job. But, only if you haven’t experienced what a platform like ActionCue Clinical Intelligence can do. We may not be Disney, but is certainly raising the spirits of many Risk/Quality Managers just like you by making their jobs a whole lot easier.

So if you don’t smile just a little bit when you think about your current Risk/Quality Management, Performance Improvement system then you need to consider why.

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Be happy, try ActionCue Clinical Intelligence.

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