Want happy patients? It starts with happy hospital staff.

Engage your staff and be ‘amazed’ at what follows. Risk-quality-management-in-hospitals-happy-doctor-male-nurse-with-ipadHistorically, hospitals have adopted a patient-centric mission. But Beryl Companies CEO Paul Spiegelman and Britt Berrett, President of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, part of the Texas Health Resources system, suggest in a recent article that if hospitals can find meaningful ways to raise the morale or their staff (read: happiness), the rest of their clinical and financial goals, as well as their patient satisfaction scores, will follow.

“If you focus on building internal engagement, that will drive patient engagement and loyalty and that will drive financial sustainability,” Spiegelman said. There are many ways to improve morale. Providing the best systems and processes to address your Risk, Quality and Performance Improvement initiatives is a great place to start.

Before you click away thinking this is just a shameless plug for our ActionCue hospital risk management software, take a minute to think about the current system you are using in your hospital to manage your Risk, Quality and performance improvement initiatives. If your hospital is like most, you are still using home-grown paper or excel spreadsheet systems. I am willing to bet you spend an overwhelming amount of time putting together reports for hospital executives that are based on information days, weeks or even months old. And… I’m also willing to wager that you wish there was a better, easier and faster way to do you job.

Current Risk and Quality Management systems in healthcare organizations is the source for a lot of wasted time and frustration in over 70% of hospitals nation-wide. Improving working conditions for all levels of hospital staff (executives, nurses, risk, quality and performance improvement managers) can and will increase staff morale — and in turn, better patient care quality.

So if you don’t smile just a little bit when you think about your current Risk/Quality Management, Performance Improvement system then you need to consider why and what you can do to improve it.

Be happy, try ActionCue Clinical Intelligence.

To read the full article from the Texas Health Resources system, click here.

To learn more about the ActionCue hospital risk management software click here.

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