ActionCue CI Solution for Clinical Staff

Role-Appropriate Participation for Everyone in the Clinical Realm

How enabled is your team? Does it matter? The answer to the second question is “Yes”. But how do you enable employees at all levels of a healthcare organization to make a positive impact on the quality-safety of patients and participate in performance improvement in meaningful ways? Prista’s ActionCue Clinical Intelligence application was designed so that all users are able to efficiently and intuitively engage with the platform and process to both provide and interpret data in meaningful ways.

Most healthcare IT applications have user administration based on profiles, roles and permissions, and many also associate the user’s roles with specific parts of the organization. These roles should be straightforward and easy to administer, in order to eliminate the frequently seen dependence on billable services from a vendor or additional analysts and specialists within the organization. This means users see only the things relevant to, and used by, themselves and mostly only at the time those functions are likely to be of interest. This makes it much easier to get to and act on exactly what they need, simplifies or shortens everyone’s learning curve, and significantly helps users stay focused on what they engaged with the application to do.

Probably no one benefits from this aspect more than the CEO and other C-level executives. Because of the typical complexity and numerous moving parts of the quality-safety efforts as described above, those at the top of the organization with enterprise-wide responsibilities very often have to choose between detaching themselves from the workings of quality-safety improvement or drowning in the details, because information is too often not collected or presented in a way that lends itself to a reasonable manner and degree of executive oversight. A common compromise is to add data analysts who work on a constant stream of ad hoc research and reporting requests. Not only is that “solution” expensive, but it also adds cycle time and disrupts the evolving pursuit from one answer to the next question as the skilled executive chases insights in a complex, dynamic environment.

An efficient platform must apply technology advances to directly facilitate the enablement and engagement of all users—even busy executives—with the insights and work being accomplished by the entire staff within the platform. ActionCue CI’s performance dashboard presents that big picture, with easy-to-follow links to additional presentations of related data, information and insight. Data hierarchies are designed to match the cognitive pathways of a healthcare leader, providing easily accessible, real-time insight. Whether it is the insights sought, the contribution of content, the user skill level or the cognitive pathway the user undertakes, a successful platform adapts to the user to deliver a productive and enjoyable experience. Implementing technology to facilitate both productivity and performance improvement is one of the most meaningful ways to enable your organization’s team.


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