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Becker’s Healthcare reports statistics on a significant rise in influenza and pneumonia deaths, focusing on flu-related death in 10 states: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

With such outcomes, the tracking of clinical staff immunizations, according to guidelines, becomes critical to impact the outcomes as well as for compliance reasons.  As with many standards, being compliant needs at least as much focus by healthcare management as reporting compliance.  How well is your healthcare delivery organization doing at its part in containing influenza, pneumonia and other diseases through vaccination efforts ?

Our research shows that the most successful vaccination programs have good operational tracking that:

  • is particularly easy for capture or entry of vaccination data
  • is structured to match the reporting requirements as to demographics and disposition
  • provides no-hassle reports that are very accessible, easy to interpret and focused on action for staff, managers and executives
  • is institutionalized so everyone is aware and on the same page

ActionCue Clinical Information has built-in forms for CDC/NHSN-defined data requirements and a built-in report with both detailed data and immediate indication of immunization program effectiveness.

Form for easy entry of disposition data

Built-in Report

ActionCue CI saves clinical managers 20-30% of their work time while delivering more insightful, actionable information across the entire Quality, Patient Safety and Performance Improvement effort. Over 90% of organizations using the ActionCue application are compliant with vaccination requirements and compliance is just that clear.

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