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Source: Becker’s Hospital Review


AORN’s New Surgical Attire Recommended Practices: Five Points to Know

The Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses has released an updated version of recommended practices for surgical attire, providing guidance on what to wear in or around an operating room. An article from the AORN Journal detailed some of the practices outlined below:

  • New guidelines cite evidence on the use of antimicrobial fabrics and say using fabric with that technology in scrubs could help protect patients from surgical site infections.
  • Jewelry like earrings, watches and rings that cannot be confined in scrubs should not be worn in semi-restricted or restricted areas, as those items can increase bacterial counts on the skin
  • Personal items like briefcases, backpacks and electronic devices should be kept off the floor and cleaned with a disinfectant before and after being brought into a perioperative setting
  • Cover apparel like lab coats that are worn over scrubs should be single-use or, if reusable, should be cleaned in a health care-accredited facility after each use
  • Any apparel worn in a perioperative setting should be cleaned in a health care-accredited laundry facility, as evidence suggests scrubs cleaned in a home setting have a risk for carrying pathogenic organisms.

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