Alliance with CIHQ

Prista Corporation and the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) Collaborate to Enhance Patient Safety


About the Collaboration

Prista and CIHQ are driving for the same goal – to radically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of quality-safety* efforts in healthcare delivery organizations. While the organizations differ in services and approach, their philosophies related to providing education, resources and tools to the healthcare community are well aligned.

Through a variety of communication vehicles, CIHQ provides education, shares perspectives on patient safety and compliance, and presents available resources and tools. Through its ActionCue Clinical Intelligence online application, Prista enables subscribers to significantly reduce and streamline the mechanics and manual data manipulation of the improvement processes for quality-safety.

Billie Anne Schoppman, Chief Mission Officer at Prista reflects “CIHQ is innovative, nimble and responsive just like Prista and makes a great partner to really help care providers break through some stasis and inertia to put best practices to work and drive quality and safety improvement like never before – effectively, efficiently and consistently.”

Rick Curtis, Chief Executive Officer of CIHQ, explains his perspective; “We’re excited to partner with Prista. Both our organizations share a common Mission and purpose. Our partnership will enable Prista clients to access our vast array of web-based support services, and our clients will benefit from access to Prista’s innovative quality and patient safety management platform. It’s not just a win/win for both companies, it’s a win/win for our respective clients.”

Be on the lookout for lots of content and opportunities to participate in demonstrations to learn how Prista’s ActionCue platform and CIHQ’s  education, advice and content go hand-in-hand to advance our joint subscribers and members to the forefront of America’s healthcare organizations.

* – Quality-safety reflects Prista’s position that care quality and safety for patients are inseparable and should naturally be addressed together in an integrated improvement–centered management process.


Center for Improvement of Healthcare Quality

About CIHQ

The Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ) is a membership-based organization comprised of over 300 acute care and critical access hospitals across the United States. Member organizations enjoy a comprehensive program of web-based and other support services designed to help them be successful in their accreditation and certification compliance efforts. CIHQ is also recognized as a deeming-authority by CMS for acute care and long-term acute care hospitals.

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About Prista

Prista provides the ActionCue® Clinical Intelligence online application, a very innovative platform integrating Quality Management, Event Reporting and Investigation, and Performance Improvement functionality. Beyond a dashboard or reporting tool, ActionCue provides a complete work environment for staff, management and executives to obtain immediate insights into all clinical issues and what is being done to improve them, to own and drive the improvement-centered quality-safety process as never before.

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