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Pristacorp named most promising solution provider 2017

Prista Named One of 2017’s Most Promising Quality Management Solution Providers

CIOReview recently recognized Prista Corporation as one of 2017’s “20 Most Promising Quality Management Solution Providers,” and we’re proud to have been recognized as a company that has demonstrated an exceptional ability to innovate and customize a solution that meets our clients’ quality management needs.

The December issue of CIOReview is centered around the idea that quality management is no longer a nice-to-have addition, but an aspect that is imperative for businesses to survive in the current competitive landscape. While this is certainly true, we believe when it comes to healthcare IT, a successful tool must enable quality management, safety event reporting and performance improvement teams to work collaboratively and efficiently, eliminating inconsistent, disorganized information, and facilitating effective improvement powered by real-time insights. Our mission to provide a tool that’s simple, collaborative and insightful was the driving force behind the development of the ActionCue CI application.

According to the magazine, ActionCue CI has changed the way hospitals manage risk, quality, and performance improvement by making information easy to access and understand. Our quality management clients appreciate ActionCue’s ability to provide insights, rather than numbers, through detailed reports that highlight the “big picture.” They can view reports and track data and trends in real-time, without ever touching a spreadsheet. With the ability to quickly investigate causes and manage corrective actions, our clients are able to take real steps toward improving patient care.

We’re delighted to have been recognized for our efforts in providing a solution that our clients truly value. If you’d like to learn more about ActionCue CI and why our innovation and commitment to increasing patient care quality is fostering a new “Culture of Quality” within the healthcare industry, check out some of our informational videos or read what our clients have to say about the tool.

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