3 Reasons Why “Designed by Clinicians” is Not Going to Save Healthcare IT
A recent article in Medical Economics, “The Promise of Next Generation EHRs” was an interesting read.  It got me thinking,[...]
On the Road to Recovery – Using Comprehensive Healthcare Event Reporting to Reduce Medical Errors
In March 2019, a Tennessee woman filed suit against Nashville-based Vanderbilt University Medical Center, claiming surgeons operated on her wrong[...]
Losing Focus on Value in Value-Based Purchasing
When it comes to discussions about healthcare reimbursement and costs, “Value-Based Purchasing” is a term that gets thrown around quite[...]
Intuitive Tools for Better Patient Care
Healthcare has too many moving parts. It’s a common cry in the industry, especially for healthcare quality and safety professionals.[...]
Role-Appropriate Participation for Everyone in the Clinical Realm
How enabled is your team? Does it matter? The answer to the second question is “Yes”. But how do you[...]
The Value of Actionable Insight in Healthcare Organizations
Have you ever found yourself staring at row after row and column after column of data and asking yourself “What[...]
Beyond Reporting to Collaborative Management Facilitation
Have healthcare IT tools successfully improved the ability of organizations to provide exceptional patient care? Our application designers, with expertise[...]
Improving Healthcare in Rural Communities
Rural communities in the United States are facing dangerous changes in the healthcare available to them. The financial realities for[...]
Reducing Preventable Errors Requires a Sustained Shift in Processes and Culture
Preventable medical errors are a serious issue in healthcare and are estimated to be the third leading cause of death[...]
Driving Efficiency at All Levels: Organization, User, Provider
Everyone knows time is money, and healthcare consumes too much money. Therefore, it stands to reason that a major objective[...]
Reverse Engineering an Optimal Performance Improvement Process
In technology circles, reverse engineering is the process of starting with a given end state, such as a product, device,[...]
Bouncing Back from a Hospital Safety Penalty
In December of last year, the federal government penalized 751 hospitals for having high numbers of patient injuries, retroactively reducing[...]
Prista Named One of 2017’s Most Promising Quality Management Solution Providers
CIOReview recently recognized Prista Corporation as one of 2017’s “20 Most Promising Quality Management Solution Providers,” and we’re proud to[...]
Increasing Efficiency in 2018
It’s the beginning of a new year, and in 2018 the healthcare industry would greatly benefit from better utilization of[...]
PDCA vs. OODA: Facilitating a More Effective Improvement Methodology
As we work to continually evolve Prista’s ActionCue Clinical Intelligence (CI) application as the leading performance improvement workbench in the[...]
Quality Improvement Performance Indicators: Prioritizing Your Data
In a recent blog post, the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality shed some light on an area of concern[...]
Is Your Quality-Safety System Really a Do-it-Yourself Project? Should it be?
We frequently describe ActionCue Clinical Intelligence as redefining and facilitating the management process for quality-safety improvement. Understanding that taking on[...]

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