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What would make you believe in a revolutionary QI system?

We at Prista Corporation understand that patient outcomes, care quality and patient safety are fundamental to your meeting regulatory and financial goals. But, the ‘old ways’ of managing QI are not effective or efficient enough.  Many of the promises made by new QI products, education and methodologies don’t hold true, and bring surprising increases in total cost of ownership and time consumption.

Prista understands these and more of your concerns and wants you to understand why we get “wow” responses and have 100% customer retention with our ActionCue Clinical Intelligence platform.   Our customers believe in ActionCue Clinical Intelligence, because it is designed differently – in substantive, principled ways – from most other HC IT products, and delivers a better experience for them and real dollar ROI.  It is simple, yet powerful.

Rather than emulating the antiquated paper-based Quality, Risk and QI/PI systems, ActionCue Clinical Intelligence combines the power of healthcare information technology, along with the best practices of leading QI methodologies and workflows. Simply stated, it is the best of what works — and none of what doesn’t or what simply adds to the workload without payback.

The workflow, and presentation of insight, is designed with the best neuroscience considerations in mind, to reduce the mental effort involved in decision making — users are able to quickly take action. Whether viewing its Performance Measure or Incident reports, ActionCue users are immediately and easily involved in the performance improvement process.

No matter what personal task a user is working on, all of the Performance Measures, Incident reports, investigations and extracted statistical reports are immediately available for review as well as data sharing to support that performance improvement effort.

The results of using ActionCue Clinical Intelligence are significant. Clinical managers save 20-30% of their time which is normally lost to manual data manipulation.  CEOs are given a new management paradigm from which they can drive quality, and the entire clinical team participates enjoyably in a Culture of Quality, to meet hospital financial and quality goals.  But the real belief begins with a 30-minute demonstration.  Request yours now here.


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