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3 resources to put Ebola in perspective

Ebola is all everyone is talking about, we are even a little guilty of it ourselves. Every day, the reports we all hear grow more and more dire and disconcerting.

The USA discovered it had a chink in its disease prevention protocol armor when the news of its first diagnosed Ebola patient came to light back in September, of this year. Thomas Eric Duncan was the first patient in the states diagnosed with the deadly disease. Initially misdiagnosed and released with a treatment of antibiotics, Duncan was finally admitted into the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where he eventually succumbed to the disease.

Spreading the fear further, two healthcare workers who treated him were also then diagnosed with the virus themselves. If this could happen in Texas, surely it will be in my town next, right? Which means I should board up my windows, stock up on MRE’s and surgical masks and stay indoors for a year or two… right?

Well, before we all lose our heads over what is certainly a very serious situation, we should do a little homework and find out exactly what is happening, and what is being done to prevent the need for us all to flee to our fallout shelters.

So, I have collected some resources to help you weed out the facts from all of the hype.

First is this report by Fox News’ Shepard Smith. In contrast to much of the hyperbolic coverage, this report is very level.

Second, Stephen Colbert is known for his satire and comedy. But, alongside his funny-bone tickling comments is some serious reporting as well.


And finally, NBC News released a story titled, Don’t Panic: Why Ebola Won’t Become an Epidemic in New York

This is not all to say Ebola is not a very serious threat, which it most certainly is. Many, many thousands of people across the globe have been, or will be affected by it. But, before you take out a second mortgage to have your house hermetically sealed shut, spend a few minutes to educate yourself with the facts.

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